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Lease Agreement Format For Hospital

The premises will include a number of parking spaces that can be used free of charge by the family doctor`s office for the duration of the rental. The document contains a working letter exhibit with important provisions on building premises, including development of improvement plans, improvement of tenants, change orders, essential completion, tenants causes delays, punchlist items and parking improvements. Once the work is completed, the tenant maintains the entire site. This rental form is designed for transaction-appropriate construction for a new hospital that will be occupied and operated by a tenant in the physician group. This form is designed for the basic rent of land on a hospital campus for development as a medical office building. The rental contract has restrictions on the medical procedures that tenants (i.e. doctors and their employees) can offer in the office medical building, so they are not in competition with hospital services on campus. The lessor has no maintenance obligations during the term of the lease, except for maintenance conditions related to a registration or accident. This document contains the following exhibits: The rental guarantee with a maximum amount of dollars for individual physicians forming the Doctor Tenant Practice Group; The guarantee ends after the tenants have received certain income from EBITDA that are several times the rent. The lease has a clear character and envisages a long duration in order to make the most of the improvements he wants to implement on the site.

LA 565 Rental for construction for the hospital, including designated parking lots, where tenants pay a fixed rent plus all operating and service and service charges.