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Wyoming Medicaid Provider Agreement

3. On request, Conduent will arrange a supplier visit with your office staff to check billing requirements. 2. Conduent assigns a vendor invoice number and provides the information needed for billing. The pricing plans are published on the website. A: A supplier can write to Conduent to cover the uncovered code. This requirement should contain a complete description of the article or services, code or codes you want to have covered, and the corresponding modifiers. You can email this to Conduent, Provider Relations Unit, P.O. Box 667, Cheyenne, WY 82003-0667. Wyoming Medicaid Clearinghouse Application – This form is intended for clearing houses, software providers or enforcement agents who must connect to Wyoming Medicaid with electronic service providers. Electronic services include access to the portal, transmission of transactions and receipt of 835 files. This form can also be used to make changes to an already registered business partner. WyHealth – This link leads you to health and use management programs for Wyoming Medicaid.

Useful information for suppliers, stakeholders, customers and families. Warning All Wyoming Medicaid providers require that forms be filled out in BLEUE ink. This ensures that the documents have original signatures and that all information entered by the supplier is readable in images when scanning. Wyoming Cancer Program (WCP) – Accessed this website for detailed information on providers, including covered diagnostic codes (DX) and CPT codes for breast and cervical cancer (BCC) and colon cancer (COLR) screening programs. Medicaid Provider /Client Portal – This link guides you to the Medicaid Provider and the customer portal. Providers can verify the status of rights, services and services. Customers can check the authorization or benefits and request a Medicaid replacement card or transportation assistance. Partnership Access Line (PAL) – Resources for doctors who care for our children who are development behind. Please contact www.wyomingpal.org for information on free consultation with a pediatric psychiatrist for each patient and a valuable link to resources for Wyoming providers in primary principles for children`s mental health.