Where True Life Begins


What’s the point?

“Why should I attend Christian Life Center? What is the purpose of this church?” These are some questions that a visitor to CLC might ask. One of our core values here is to connect you with Christ and also with our community of disciples. One of the greatest ways to do this is through a personal study into God’s Word. For those who would like to further engage in the discipleship process we offer an in-depth look into many of the core concepts of the Scriptures over a period of weeks at your convenience. Please sign up here if you are interested in more info.


Choosing a new church can be extremely challenging and we desire for you to do more than attend.  Our desire is for you to be touched by what you feel and for you to be assimilated into our assembly by finding your LIFEPoint.

  • PrayerLIFE: A casually-attired but intensely-focused time of prayer monthly on the second Saturday night from 6-7 PM where we specifically pray for our church and our city and county. All are welcome to attend. We also provide quarterly opportunities for general and specific times of prayer throughout the year.
  • LIFE University: Join us for approximately one hour as we dig into the precious truths of the Word of God and learn about His plan and purpose for our lives. Our goal is to challenge everyone who attends to be changed by God’s Word, and for it to be active in our daily lives.
  • KidzLIFE: The next generation is extremely important to us here at CLC. We provide opportunities on Sunday, Wednesday, and at different times throughout the year where they not only have fun but are taught the foundational truths of the Word of God. Please click on the “Calendar” tab above for more information on our weekly events.
  • StudentLIFE: As our church is growing so are the opportunities for our students. A class is offered on Wednesdays, as well as numerous events with other churches throughout the year in the state of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is our desire to be a part of the many LIFE decisions that are made during the teenage years.
  • LIFEfellowship: As in the book of Acts, we believe in not just worshiping together but also fellowshipping together in unity. Bi-monthly dinners, 5:00 PM fellowships, picnics…the list goes on. We love God and each other, and we invite you to join us and experience the tremendous connection with our community of believers.
  • LIFEinMotion: The church is an active organism not simply limited to a building. We believe that our primary purpose outside our personal relationship with Jesus is to share His love with others. We encourage personal evangelism but also promote different venues throughout the year in which we reach out to Worcester as well as the surrounding cities in our county. Help us put the gospel inMotion by joining us in our planned acts of Christian kindness.
  • YourLIFE: Your life is important in the eyes of God and to this church. We desire to assist each individual tap into the potential placed in them by God and to improve as a servant of God. Through personal Bible studies, discipleship courses, teaching, and mentoring we want to assist you in being who God wants you to be. How can your LIFE be more fulfilled?
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